Booming Brabant featuring Ipos

Throwback Thursday:

Booming Brabant featuring Ipos Technology and Imke Schellekens Bartels in 2018

Text Corne Verschuren:

Conservative equestrian sports are not at the forefront when it comes to introducing tech into their sport. Little by little, however, the realization is emerging that the contribution of high-tech benefits performance. For example, Ipos Technology developed a rein pressure sensor so that rider and horse can communicate better with each other.

Menke van Steenbergen, founder of Ipos Technology, is also a rider herself. “I found out while riding that I was putting a lot more pressure on my right rein than on my left. As a result, I sat crooked on my horse. The symmetry puts too much load on one of the horse's front legs and injuries occur,” she says in the TV program Booming Brabant.

Watch the full item (in Dutch): Booming Brabant

Source: Omroep Brabant