Britt Dekker moving together with Ipos

Check out this very fun and informative demo with Dutch equestrian Britt Dekker, of the well known YouTube channel PaardenpraatTV.

During the clinic given by Ipos Technology's Menke Steenbergen, Britt trains with both her horses George and Eve and explains to her followers (next generation equestrians) how it works and what she learns. She works on her symmetry and lightness in all gates and notices the difference between the two horses and the way she rides them.

With the right coaching, using the data provided by the sensors and Menke's interpretation of this data, Britt is able to improve her balance and decrease the weight in her hands and the horses mouth. Exactly what we want to help riders achieve and more importantly, horses.

The demo also clearly shows that using the Ipos procucts can optimise the communication between an instructour and a rider. You can see the results (decreasing kilograms) real time in the app, which turns this training session into a very satisfying one for everyone envolved.

At the end of the video Britt analyses the training summary on her phone and can anticipate on this the next time she trains.

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