Ipos Technology wins Dutch Sport Innovation Award 2017

EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands. October 4, 2017 – Ipos Technology have won the Dutch Sports Innovation Award 2017. Menke Steenbergen, CEO and Founder of Ipos Technology, received the Award at the 14th National Sports Innovation Conference, held in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. She was presented with the Award by Jakob Wedemeijer from Alderman Sport of Eindhoven.

“Ipos Technology is the first company in the world to develop rein sensors and is a leader in equestrian technology,” said Menke Steenbergen. “Whereas other new products in horse-riding technology specifically measure the horse’s movement, we have chosen to start with the rider, and measure his or her impact. We are building the first dashboard for the horse starting with rein pressure measurement, acquired via the reins, as we believe that this can bring the most benefit for horse and rider.”

“This technology will forever change the way we ride. It forces trainers to become even more specific in how they communicate with trainees, and we provide a lot of insight into practices that work well, and which do not. In addition, we are able to recognize injuries in the horse at an early stage - We can even identify which leg is injured. This helps riders to act early, and, for example, plan in extra rest for their horse to minimise the impact of injuries.”

Four finalists

An independent jury for the award selected four finalists out of a group of over 30 candidates, and  from these finalists, the winner was announced. The jury praised Ipos Technology's concept in its jury report. “The product offers extra information to the rider that is based on objective data, and thus, introduces new possibilities for communication with the horse. In this way, the wellbeing of both rider and horse becomes a higher priority. The rein sensor can bring these benefits across the whole of the broad spectrum of horse sport. The idea is original and creative, but above all real. Good cooperation with horse sports experts, knowledge partners and companies was sought in the development of IPOS Rein Sensors. Participation in the business accelerator program for high-tech hardware start-up companies organized by the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, where Ipos Technology is based, has ensured that the idea has grown from idea to company.

Winning the Dutch Sports Innovation Award 2017 has brought Ipos Technology a prize worth €15,000, in addition to the award and title. The prize included an amount of money, some hours of advice and media value.

Other finalists for the 2017 award included: Ato Gear, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, with their product, Arion - a system that focuses on running technique coaching; DISQ, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands - a mobile fitness product for strength training with an integrated power measurement; and Otis Insight, Rijswijk, the Netherlands - with ROW4, an innovative product for coaching in rowing, with potential for use in many other sports.

Dutch Sports Innovation Award

The Dutch Sports Innovation Award (formerly known as the National Sport Innovation Prize) is an incentive for innovative and promising products or services that focus on top-class sports and/or recreational sports. The innovation must have the following key features:

· Performance - the candidate product or service makes it possible to perform better in top and/or recreational sports.

· Vitality - the candidate product or service contributes to an active lifestyle.

· Economic market potential – there is market potential for the candidate product or service.

The award is for products or services of Dutch origin that are developed with clear market potential and impact on sport /healthy active lifestyle. A physical product or actual service (at least at prototype stage) with demonstrable functionality must be available, as well as a clear market proposition for the sports industry. Based on this ‘plan’, the market potential is assessed or estimated.