Providing a Role Model for Women in Technology

Ipos Technology’s CEO, Menke Steenbergen, has become something of a role model for women pursuing a career in technology. Especially for those starting their own technology business in Europe. In a personal interview with the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, she shares her passion, struggles, and successes.

"Menke was three years old when she saddled her grandfather’s horse for the first time. Since that first ‘click’, her passion for horse riding led her to a professional career. However, due to an injury, she shifted her route to a veterinary, later to policy making and entrepreneurship in the sports discipline.”

“Since 2012, Menke has been trying to disrupt the industry with a tech product - sensors to measure horses’ rein pressure, but the market was not ready for such an innovation back then.”

“It took a couple of years to develop the product, build a dedicated team and overcome obstacles of obtaining the investment, as a female entrepreneur. In 2018, her start-up, Ipos Technology, pioneered the combination of horse riding and technology, and received great exposure worldwide. Menke tells about her journey as a female tech entrepreneur."

Read the whole interview at the High Tech Campus website