Testing the Reliability of Ipos Technology's Training App

It is essential that the intensity calculations made by Ipos Technology's Training App provide reliable data. Students of a prestigious Dutch University investigated this with a heart-rate monitor.

Loon op Zand, The Netherlands. March 2020.

In an ideal world, we might all use heart-rate measuring equipment to assess the intensity of our horse's training. A heart-rate monitor indicates how intense a training is, and proves if it has an effect scientifically. Unfortunately, not everyone owns one. That’s why Ipos Technology assesses the intensity of training by counting the minutes of exercise per gait, but how reliable is this? A group of students from the HAS University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch, The Netherlands, have carried out some research into this.

The Ipos Technology Training App measures the intensity of training. It collects data on gaits, intervals, transitions per gait, and even the weight and age of the horse. Through use of a special formula, all this data is translated into an intensity per training. In this way, an indication of any training can be calculated without using a heart-rate monitor. When all your training sessions are measured over 21 days, the app can assesses the fitness level of the horse. This gives the rider or trainer the opportunity to see where the fitness of the horse can be improved and monitor its progress over time.

Ipos Technology believes in the power of good data and science. Therefore, we find it very important to check how reliable the Training App's intensity calculations are. We aim to make them as close as possible in reliability to a heart-rate monitor. Students from the HAS University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch, The Netherlands, investigated Ipos Technology's Training App. The students compared the measurements of a Polar heart-rate monitor with the intensity calculation of Ipos Technology's Training App. Firstly, to see if the intensity calculated by Ipos Technology's App correlated with an increase in heart-rate. And secondly, they looked for the most significant factors that might increase intensity.

One of the factors that they investigated was if there is a difference between the intensity of training with warmblood horses as compared to draft horses. Other factors that they looked into included:

· Air humidity and ambient temperature.

· Height of the horse.

· Age of the horse.

· Body Condition Score (BCS) of the horse.

The results will tell us about the reliability of the Training App's intensity calculation and guide Ipos Technology in how to further improve the use of the App.

We would like to thank the Van Loon Riding School, in Loon op Zand, the Netherlands, where this research was conducted, for their collaboration. Are you curious about the Ipos Technology Training App and how it works? You can find the App in the Google Play Store or App Store.