Introducing our Electronic Design Experts

Veeren Electronic Design Solutions (VEDS) is designing Ipos Technology's new Rein Sensors. By working with our initial concept, VEDS are developing an improved version of the Rein Sensors.

The Team at VEDS. From left-to-right: Raily (Electronics), Glenn (Mechanics), Rene (Hardware) and Roy (Manager).

The VEDS Group comprises of three entities: Veeren Electronic Design Solutions (VEDS), Q-Matrix and Wingz. The Group specializes in the development and production of multidisciplinary technical projects and products in different markets. The VEDS Group work on a custom basis ranging from smaller activities, such as support for individual projects, to full realization (including project management) of 'yet to be realized' technological ideas. They are a 'one-stop-shop' partner for their customers that vary from start-ups to large international companies.

The collaboration between VEDS and Ipos Technology has been made possible by Metropool Region Eindhoven (MRE), a regional agency for the Eindhoven area, in The Netherlands, who co-fund the development of Ipos Rein Sensors.