Ipos Technology and Social Responsibility

Nijmegen, The Netherlands. March 2020

Ipos Technology contributes to improving society. The company, BlueView, mounts and assembles Ipos Technology's Rein Sensors.

BlueView is a 'Social Firm' based in The Netherlands that provides production jobs for people who have had some limitations in entering the mainstream job market, such as physical- or mental disability, or have been previously unemployed for many years. BlueView is run as an independent commercial company and receives no subsidies. It has five active locations in the Netherlands and employs around 500 people.

Official assembly of Ipos Rein Sensors has started. BlueView guarantee the quality and reliability of production services. In this video, you can watch a part of the fascinating manufacturing process at BlueView.

We aim to start delivering the pre-orders of the sensors in May 2020. Order your own Ipos Rein Sensors in our webshop.