Ipos: What's in the Name?

The ancient Greek word for horse is ‘íppos (pronounced: hippos). It was the Greeks who were the first to master the art of horse-riding some 3,500 years ago. The cradle of present-day equestrian sports originated in Ancient Greece. We treasure the traditional origins of equestrian sports, but at the same time, want to take them into the future. We need renewal. This is why we decided to call our company Ipos - which is literally ‘íppos repackaged.

Ancient Greeks riding 'ippos (horses).

Ipos Technology is an innovative influence in equestrian sports. Our technology can help improve the performance of horse-riders and carriage-drivers, in any discipline of horse sport. Ipos Technology is a global leader in advancing equestrian sports.

Technology as key in success

Technology has helped athletes in many sports disciplines improve their performance. The first time that cyclists started to measure the number of rotations of their pedals, everyone thought they were crazy. “What good is that information?”, was the general thought at the time. Now, everyone in cycling knows how many rotations to make and where to make them on the track, to ensure that they optimize their physical performance towards winning. The same goes for measurements in equestrian sports. We do not yet know of all the benefits that measurement information will bring to the sport, but we do know that it is changing the way that we train forever, and that it offers a competitive advantage to equestrians.

Harmony will always be fundamental

Equestrian sports will always be special, because they involve an animal - the ‘íppos (horse). The unique bond that a rider has with the horse does not change, even though we now know what the best contact to ride with is. The objective is to ensure that communication as light as possible. All our technology does is add a number to this. The main goal is still to reach the optimal rider feeling - something the Ancient Greek Master, Xenophon, was the first to describe in writing, some 2,500 years ago.

'Many' versus 'smart' miles

Learning to ride involves a great deal of practice, a lot of time and many 'miles' (or 'kilometers'), but Ipos Technology has a goal to make this process a lot more efficient. Using the Ipos Rein Sensors enables you to become a better rider more quickly, because the system gives you information on how you communicate through the reins. The Ipos Technology system 'calibrates' your senses and helps you develop 'rider-feel'. Alongside this, the Ipos system will help you overcome (often subconscious) pitfalls. People who ride frequently aren't always continually consciously aware of everything they do. This 'automatism' is essential to enable us to complete complex actions simultaneously, but it is also a mechanism, by which we can subconsciously 'adopt' mistakes. As the Ipos Technology system gives feedback during your training, you can prevent or solve errors that may have just come up. Instead of only completing 'many' miles in training, you can focus on 'smart' miles with the Ipos system.

It enables what we refer to as: “The lightest touch for the best performance.”