Olympic riders assessed with Rein Sensors?

Equine tech company Ipos Technology has been approached by the organization of the Olympic Games to supply reins sensors. The Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) has set "lightness" as the ultimate goal for each discipline. For the first time, this can be measured objectively during these Games.

This is good news for the Netherlands! Since research by Ipos Technology has shown that the Netherlands is the country where riders ride their horses with the lightest rein tension. "It would be very strange if the Netherlands is not in the top 3 at the Games." states founder of Ipos Technology, Menke Steenbergen.

Dutch riders score the lightest

Ipos Technology supplies Rein Sensors to equestrians all over the world. Thousands of riders monitor their training sessions on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. An anonymous study looked at the differences between riders from different countries, as well as the differences between the three Olympic disciplines: dressage, showjumping and eventing.

“The result is encouraging, because Dutch riders turned out to be the lightest with an average pressure of 1.81 kg, closely followed by equestrian archrivals Germany and England. Surprisingly France, the third equestrian country in Europe, is at the bottom with an average pressure of 4.63 kg.”

Welfare over medals

“In principle medals are an afterthought in equestrian sports because horse welfare always comes first. But the fact that data shows this now, in the run-up to the Games, is really cool. This means we can win twice! We’re convinced that a relaxed and happy horse will always perform better. The Ipos Rein sensors contribute to this. That this is now also recognized by the Olympic Committee and could be taken into account in the assessment is pure profit for equestrian sports.”

Next generation is tech-savvy

Ipos Technology notes that new generation riders like Britt Dekker (Dutch media personality) are more open to the insights that tech offers. This next gen is brave and open enough to go public with measurements and share this openly on YouTube. Top combinations such as Imke Schellekens- Bartels (dressage), Bianca Schoenmakers (showjumping) and Claudio Fumagalli (driving) are also proving to ride light according to Ipos' measurements and are therefore rightfully among the world's top equestrians.

"It's amazing what data can do for a sport. Other sports already preceded us in this and now equestrian sports can also benefit from more objective judging during these Olympic Games."